What are The Highest Currencies in The World? The Most Valuable Currency in The 21st century


Ever wondered what the world’s highest currency is? The world’s most valuable currency notes are not what you might expect. The United Nations recognizes around 180 currencies as legal tender. Many people believe that Pound and Dollar are the highest monetary value, but that is not true.

Let’s take a brief look at their various currency codes, its value compared to the INR.


Kuwaiti dinar

The highest currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar or KWD due to Kuwait’s tremendous oil-wealth and economic stability. It holds 8% of global oil reserves and attracts more immigrants due to its economic stability and tax exemptions. For every 1 Kuwaiti Dinar is equal to 240.23 INR.

Bahrain dinar

Bahraini Dinar or BHD earned the second-highest currency in the world. The Bahraini dinar is only used in Bahrain and is pegged against the US dollar. The value of 1 BHD is equal to 195.26 INR, attracting ex-pats all over the world due to high currency value.

Omani rial

Another strong currency from the Middle East is the Omani Rial or OMR. It is the third-highest currency in the world. The value of 1 OMR is equal to 190.98 INR, making it profitable among the ex-pats living and working there.

Jordan dinar

The Jordanian dinar or JOD is the fourth-highest currency in the world today. Jordanian Dinar is an oil-rich middle-eastern country. The value of 1 JOD is equal to 103.57 INR

British pound

The British pound or GBP is the fifth-highest currency in the world. The British Pound holds a strong value among most of the currencies in the world. The value of 1 GBP is equal to 95.40 INR.

Gibraltar pound

The Gibraltar pound or GIP is the national currency of Gibraltar, it holds the sixth-highest currency in the world. It is always mentioned on the same level as British pounds. The value of 1 GIP is equal to 95.41 INR.

Cayman Islands dollar

The Cayman Islands dollar or KYD is the seventh-highest currency in the world. It is one of the five largest offshore financial centres in the world. The value of 1 KYD is equal to 89.59 INR.


The Euro or EUR is the eighth-highest currency in the world. It is the primary currency of the European Union and the official currency of 19 countries. The value of 1 Euro is equal to 86.99 INR.

Swiss franc

The Swiss franc or CHF is the ninth-highest currency in the world. The national currency of both Switzerland and Liechtenstein and is the only currency in the world that is unaffected by inflation. The value of 1 Swiss Franc is equal to 80.84 INR.

United States dollar

The US dollar or USD is the tenth-highest currency in the world. It is the currency of the United States and several other countries. The US Dollar stands far behind in the list of highest currencies in the world despite being in high demand when it comes to conversion. The value of 1 Dollar is equal to 73.44 INR

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