What are the different types of watch glass?

What are the different types of watch glass-1
What are the different types of watch glass-1
If you are wondering what are the different types of watch glass? There are typically 3 types of glass used on the face of the watch.
What are the different types of watch glass

Acrylic Crystal, Mineral Crystal and Sapphire Crystal

The clear cover of a watch’s face, usually referred to as the crystal, is designed to protect the dial and inner workings of your watch. When shopping for a new watch ask the seller for the kind of glass used on the watch face, it’s important to understand the different types and what they mean for the life of the watch.
The least expense and easily manufactured of the 3 types is Acrylic Crystal and is basically a manufactured plastic. It has its own positives and negatives. This material wont prevent scratches, but it does allow scratches to be buffed out, if you do scratch it, you will need someone to fix it for you and that would cost you money.

You are most likely to find acrylic crystal on inexpensive style watches sold at many e-commerce websites.

The second glass is Mineral Crystal, this one is actually a glass and not plastic. It is composed of many elements and aids in preventing scratches and generally found in expensive watches that range from ₹6000+. This glass is 7 times more scratch resistant than acrylic crystal. This glass is scratch resistant and not scratch proof, so treat your watch with good care. Fixing a mineral crystal can cost anywhere from ₹500–1500.
You can find mineral glass on brands like Fossil, Timex, Citizen etc.
The third and the most expensive glass to manufacture is Sapphire Crystal, This glass is preferred by premium watch manufacturers because sapphire is the second hardest known element, right after diamonds., it is 3 times harder than Mineral Crystal and 21 times harder than Acrylic Crystal. It is made of a highly durable synthetic material that makes it shatterproof and highly scratch resistant but not entirely scratch proof. Replacing a sapphire crystal can cost anywhere from ₹3000–8000 depending on the make and model of the watch.
You can find watches with Sapphire Crystal in brands like Michael Kors, Tag Heuer etc, that range from 9000 and above

The right watch choice

For the most part, choosing what glass your new watch has is out of your control. Watch manufacturers design watches and use a crystal that fits the price point and designed use of the watch. Additionally, it’s unlikely that you would notice a real difference in your everyday use. As always, we simply recommend taking proper care of your watch!

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