Top 5 online learning website for student and professionals- Best eLearning website 2020


The online learning industry is growing quickly. Online classes are an incredible way to get the best and less expensive way of learning that requires less time commitment than traditional education. Learn at your own pace with a simpler way where the instructor provides an engaging educational experience through image, video, audio, text, and PDF files.

Here are my top 5 online learning website for student and professionals:


Skillshare has a collection of over 20,000 classes. It offers video-based courses in a wide variety of areas like Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Development, Business Analytics, Marketing, Photography, Creative writing, and that’s just the beginning.

Skillshare courses are taught and designed by professional entrepreneurs, writers, creatives, and artists. It offers the ability to access to all the classes in the library and download it to watch them offline. You can access to free courses, which are typically short video lessons, and a Premium subscription that costs $8.25 per month.


Coursera can give students access to academic courses that offers university-level courses and certification programs. It has over 4,000 courses, that are educated by instructors from over 200 universities and companies, such as Yale, Stanford, Google, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Coursera courses consist of video lectures, reading materials, quizzes, group discussions, and projects. The topics and courses are Arts and Humanities, Business, Information Technology, Health, Math and Logic, I.T., Personal Development, and beyond. You can access all the videos available for offline viewing. The cost of individual courses varies from $29 to $99.


Udemy has over 150,000 Courses with expert Instructors over 50,000. It offers courses which are divided into 13 different categories including Business, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Development, Design, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Music, Teaching & Academics, Personal Development, Photography, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness.

You can download and watch any Udemy course offline at any time. Udemy prices range from $9 to $300, you’d get lifetime access to the course once you pay, preview the course content and it is available in different languages.


Udacity has around 200 courses that are totally free yet do not offer a certificate. Udacity is broadly known for its Nanodegree programs that are completely paid at the present expense of $399 per month. The instructors are from top industry professionals, personal career coach, and technical mentor support.

Udacity focuses on technology courses on topics like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Programming, Business, and Robotics. You can easily download course videos, resources, and transcripts and view offline when you don’t have access to the Internet that permits you to learn at your own pace.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most popular online learning platform and a philanthropic organization providing a free, world-class education serving pretty much for anybody, anywhere.

All of their library videos, practice questions lessons, and articles are totally free for any individual who needs to utilize them. It offers a personalized learning dashboard practice exercises and instructional videos.

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