The Rising Demand for Hadoop in 2020

Demand for Hadoop in 2021

Is Hadoop still in demand in 2020?

India got a 250 percent climb in their compensations from passage level investigators to administrator; the normal section level pay rates have expanded by 27 percent since 2013, from Rs. 5.2 lakhs to Rs 6.6 lakhs for every annum.”

Hadoop has almost become synonymous to Big Data. Even if it is quite a few years old, the demand for Hadoop technology is not going down
The global Hadoop Big Data market is projected to grow from US$ 4.91 billion in 2015 to US$ 40.69 billion by 2021, recording a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 43.4% during the forecast period. This indicates positive growth in the demand for Hadoop Developers in the years to come.

Here is a look of Salary Packages Offered to Hadoop Professionals in India:

Software Engineer: INR 4,52,000
Senior Software Engineer: INR 7,37,000
Lead Software Engineer: INR 12,70,000
Technical Architect: INR 17,00,000

Hadoop aptitudes are profoundly sought after in light of the fact that no customary social database can deal with Big Data the way Hadoop does. It is extremely obvious that 2014 was the year we understood the capability of Big information and the force of Hadoop in saddling it. Hadoop is overwhelming different innovations in light of the fact that:

  • Hadoop is the most productive database to oversee unstructured & numerous source information.
  • Hadoop is extremely adaptable and can be scaled unendingly.
  • Hadoop is vigorous and flaw tolerant, it doesn’t breakdown regardless of the fact that one or more hubs neglect to perform.
  • Hadoop meets expectations with product servers, along these lines, making it exceptionally prudent.

Occupation Positions – 2020

Hadoop Professionals can work in different positions like:

Hadoop Developer: He is somebody who is a specialist in center Java, SQL, Linux programming and Object Oriented Programming ideas. Hadoop Developers make the whole scripting structure for the information investigation process.
Hadoop Architect: He is the go-to-fellow for actualizing Big Data operations. He comprehends the business necessities and accomplishes those objectives by means of Hadoop circulated figuring & outlines fitting building design.
Hadoop Administrator: He deals with the huge Hadoop groups which incorporate representing and directing situations that comprise of petabytes and terabytes of information. He is likewise dependable to investigate and resolve specialized issues in the Hadoop biological community.

As indicated by the Forrester Report:

  • Another information economy will emerge, Hadooponomics. Because of its endless information ability, venture appropriation of Hadoop will get to be necessary.
  • The surge sought after for Hadoop work experts will be satisfied by Java experts & other programming designers who will overhaul their abilities.
  • The formation of SQL-on-Hadoop choices will further upgrade ease of use & selection.
  • Because of the presentation of Yarn (Version 2.0), the use of Hadoop will go past examination. It will change into an application stage bringing forth new structures in the Hadoop environment.
  • New Hadoop sources will rise up out of associations like Oracle, HP, Tibco and SAP. Sellers, for example, Red Hat, VMware and Microsoft will incorporate Hadoop in their working Systems.

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