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The most expensive complication watch in the world

The most valuable complicated watch in the world
The Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication is one of the most complicated mechanical pocket watches ever created. It also hold a record for the the most expensive pocket watch that has ever been sold at auction.
Teams of Patek Philippe’s craftsmen, scientists and engineers took three years to design, and a 5 years of careful study and research went into this watch. it boasts an 18k gold design with 24 complications, over 900 parts, and two incredible dials. which was delivered to Henry Graves on January 19, 1933.
The most valuable complicated watch in the world
Each feature on a watch that does something other than tell the time is called a complication. This watch, the Henry Graves Supercomplication, is the watch with the most complications ever (updated Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon).

It has 24, which include :
  • The hours, minutes and seconds of sidereal time (3)
  • The time of sunset and sunrise (2)
  • The equation of time
  • Perpetual calendar
  • The days of the month
  • The days of the week
  • The months
  • The stars chart
  • The age and phases of the moon
Chronograph (stopwatch)
  • The Chronograph
  • Split seconds
  • The 30-minute recorder
  • The 12-hour recorder
The Chime
  • The “Grande sonnerie” (Westminster chimes) with carillon
  • The “Petite sonnerie” with carillon
  • The minute-repeater
  • The alarm
Other functions
  • The going train up-down indication
  • The striking train up/down indication
  • The twin barrel differential winding
  • The three-way setting system

Curse of the $24 million dollars watch: Henry Graves jr. supercomplication pocket watch


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