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How to Reduce Your CPC ? 4 ways in which you can lower your CPC

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If your CPC are very high with low conversion rate, there’s something you need to do. Your AdWords campaign Return on Investment (ROI) is determined by how much you’re paying for one click and the amount of quality traffic it generated from those clicks.

Every google AdWords marketing expert campaign strategy will be to make the CPC cost as low as possible and drive a meaningful traffic which can be converted into business. The average cost per clicks varies from business to business and the types of industry you are in.

As a digital marketing expert having an experience of running and maintaining google ads for a long time. People always ask me “How do I lower my Cost Per Click?”.

Here’s 4 ways in which you can lower your CPC cost:

1. Focus on the Quality Score

Want to run a successful online advertising campaign? You need to look at your keyword quality score. Your keyword quality score can significantly reduce your average CPC. Improve your quality score

Your ads keyword quality score is effected by your CTR (Click-Through Rate), Keyword Relevance, Your Ads & Landing Page Keyword Quality.

You can lower your CPC cost by:

  • Improve your expected Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Improve your Keyword Relevance of your ad
  • Improve your landing page experience
  • Grouping your keywords to improve Quality Score

2. Use Long Tail Keywords

Long-tails keyword have less competition so the prices per click are lower than any other short-tail keywords. While long-tail keywords may seem a little clunky and strange at first, they’re a powerful tool for your web-based SEO ranking. The conversion rate for long-tail keywords is approximately 2.5 times higher than it is for head (shorter) keywords.

Benefit of long tail keywords:

  • Less competition
  • More conversions
  • More relevant results
  • Lowest cost per click

3. Ads Negative Keywords

By adding negative keyword to your campaign or ad group, you can filter out the unwanted traffic that you might get from your campaign. The unwanted traffic cost you a lot of money without any conversion, it’s just a waste of money. Negative keywords give you the opportunity, ensuring that your ads only reach the best potential audience.

The main benefits in adding negative keywords to your campaign or ad group are:

  • It exclude irrelevant traffic
  • It reduce the Average Cost per Click (Av. CPC)
  • It improve’s on the overall click-through rate (CTR)
  • It generate more conversion and increase the ROI

4. Try Ad Scheduling

Analyse your campaigns and ads performance. If you are a smart PPC marketer, you should probably know that keyword bids go beyond keywords. You may only want your ad to show whenever a customer searches online to reduce cost. Or perhaps you only want to show your ad on certain days, or during business hours when you’re there to handle customer inquiries.

In order to lower your CPC cost check your campaign and ads performance data on:

  • Which days you got the most traffics and leads.
  • Which time of the day converts higher.
  • What device is used the most.
  • Which location drives higher-quality traffic.

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