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Best social media platform for content marketing in 2020

Top 5 Best Social Media and Content Apps for 2020
Top 5 Best Social Media and Content Apps for 2020

We have listed the right social media apps with the most essential tools that will help to create better content, work more effectively, and connect with the right audience. The advanced growth of social media platforms gave opportunities in reaching audiences from all around the world.


Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion active users per month, no doubt it is one with the largest social media site in the world. Most of the Facebook audience are above the age of 25.

The platform has become a marketing hub for multiple campaigns and businesses, for industry-related news, engaging videos, graphics, and others.

Best Key Content on Facebook are eye-catching relevant images, press releases headlines or hot topics, videos, fun posts, blog posts, and the more likely it is to go viral.

Features – Groups, Events, Marketplace, Notes, Platform, Facebook Questions, Photos, Videos, Live streaming, Controversial use, Facebook Paper, Facebook Mentions, Facebook Moments, Facebook Gaming, send newsletters,  Facebook Pages and Ad Campaigns.


Home for these generations where you can find numerous bloggers, influencers, friends, and everything in between. Most of the Instagram audience are under the age of 45 suitable mostly for teens and young adults, then Instagram is a must.

You should consider using the most popular social media platforms if you want to run an e-commerce or photography business.

Best Key Content on Instagram are mostly high-quality pictures, creative content, unique designs, brand inspiration, storytelling post, and videos.

Features and tools – Hashtags, Explore, Hyperlink Username, Photographic filters, Video, IGTV, Instagram Direct, Shoppable Tags Instagram Stories, Advertising, Stand-alone apps, Live Video, Turn Existing Posts Into Ads.


The second-largest search engine with more than 1.8 billion users per month after Google, where you can promote anything. Most of the Youtube audience are under the age of 55.

Broadly popular amongst both men and women, YouTube is considered as the best video streaming apps and a great sites to target and generate an audience.

Best key content on Youtube are gaming videos, TV show clips, tutorials, Comedy Videos, music videos,  documentary films, live streams, product reviews, video blogging, and educational videos.

Features – Playback, Uploading, Quality and formats, 2020 picture quality cut, Annotations, Live streaming, 3D videos, 360-degree videos, Reels, Community, Content accessibility, Platforms, Localization, YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, YouTube Go, YouTube Music, Content partnerships.


Twitter is also an ideal social media platform with more than 300 million active users monthly. The popularity of this social media site remains high amongst mature men and women users. Most of the Twitter audience are above the age of 30.

Twitter allows users to get information productively, a medium to communicate trending topics and a means of promoting events, new releases particularly active in marketing, and politics today.

Best key content on Twitter are real-time events, trending topics, image and video content, Infographics, quotes, B2B verticals related to business.

Features – Logo and font, Tweets, Content, Hashtags, retweets and replies, Using SMS, Character limits, Image captions, URL shortener, Trending topics, Verified accounts, Related headlines feature, Polls, Integrated photo-sharing service, Streaming video, Account archival.


Pinterest is the fastest growing app that has reached over 320 million monthly users. It has made a huge impact on saving interesting ideas, creative inspiration, fascinating stories, promoting a blog post, and to try out new things. Most of the Pinterest users are mature females consisting of nearly 85%.

Consider using Pinterest if you’re into a cooking recipe, DIY tasks, business, fashion, define travel ideas, interior design, and everything in between.

Best key Content on Pinterest are  useful ideas, DIYs, tutorials, formated pictures, high-quality images and content, recipes, seasonal trends.

Features – GIFs and videos, Catalogue of ideas, Pin and boards, Save button, Video player, Exploring, Visual search, Shopping and catalogs, Pinterest Analytics.

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